The Academy imparts training in Bharata-Natyam Indian Classical dance. This is taught in a traditional manner as well as with modern teaching methods to bring out the best of each student. Emphasis is placed on the fact that there is no short-cut to mastering the dance form.

The curriculum put in place by Dr. Chandrabhanu which is followed in Melbourne and in Sydney, allows the students to progress step by step in their development. There is a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of the technique, correct posture, the theoretical base, and on the system of knowledge itself.

The arangetram ceremony, the solo debut recital is not undertaken until the student has undergone studies at the Academy for at least 8 years.

The training commences with the teaching of stretching and strengthening exercises, basic limbering and the basic positions, after which the students begin the adavu lessons, learning the basic units of Bharata-Natyam . Adavu training is done for three years and continues to be revised even in the advanced classes.

In the second and third years students are taught basic repertoire pieces while still continuing to gain mastery over the adavus. In the intermediate and advanced classes, repertoire work is taught and refined.

Emphasis is on both the technical mastery as well as the abhinaya (expressive) components.

The traditional repertoire of Bharata-Natyam is taught in its full and elaborate form in the final two years before the arangetram.

Students are given several opportunities to perform once repertoire work is refined by performing in cultural shows and charity events throughtout the year.

The highlight of the year is the Manimaalai Concert held every two years, when all enrolled students from all levels are given an opportunity to show their skills and talents.